Why flat picture styles don´t always work:

When using DLSRs to shoot video, it is recommended to always shoot with a flat picture style and color grade in post production.

Sometimes however, this is not possible due to time, equipment or production costs.

VISION picture styles for Canon EOS DLSRs have been designed to produce outstanding skin tones and film like colors straight out of camera, ready to show the client even before the edit begins.

Download Vision Picture Styles

Created from the ground up, using color theory expertise and film stock knowledge to create a look similar to motion picture film stock, VISION picture styles will create a professionally graded look to DSLR video.

The VISION range of picture styles

  • Emulates how traditional film renders color and tones
  • Harmoniously balances tones in every shot
  • Keeps skin´s natural vibrance
  • Reduces overly saturated colors that can occur in Canon DSLR captured video
  • Produces rich contrast straight from camera, no further adjustments needed
  • Creates a complete finished professionally graded look

Download Vision Picture Styles

Testing: Our EOS Picture Styles are not released until they have been thoroughly tested by professional film makers. We´ve put them through their paces and have tried them in a huge variety of situations. We have tested them on the following camera bodies to ensure consistant results: 1DS MARK III, 1DS MARK II, 1D MARK II ,5D MARK III, 5D MARK II, 5D, 7D, 6D, 60D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, T2

Samples: All samples on this site have been made using only the VISION picture styles. No other changes / adjustments have been made. Special thanks to the people who contributed photos:Stefan Boursan, Lesya Gulkina


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